Friday, August 29, 2008

Meet the Gang of the 414th

Left to Right:
Penn, Henry, Morrell, Burk, and Cotton.

Members of the 414th Penn, Henry, Morrell and Cotton

Please contact me, if you can provide additional information about the members of the 414th.

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Anonymous said...

My Great Uncle Anselm G. Foy was a member of the 414. He was known by his nickname, Eddie Foy (after a popular vaudeville act of the day, Eddie Foy and the Seven Little Foys, although he was not related).

Eddie was a lifetime baseball enthusiast. He was born in October 1903 in Brooklyn and was the manager of a team called the Brooklyn Edison Club, part of the Industrial Twilight League. He used to write to military base commanders and challenge their teams to a game.

He joined the US Army Air Force in October 1942 as a private in the 414 Night Fighters. He was promoted to Corporal in May/June 1943.

On March 2, 1944 he was promoted to Sergeant, and marked the occasion by mailing money orders to his sisters (including my grandmother) and at least one of the girlfriends he corresponded with back home (he wrote to at least 4 women he referred to as sweetheart!). He thanked them all for the candy and magazines they were all sending him, and ended every letter by asking for more.

In a letter dated 4/29/44, he mentions organizing and managing a baseball team of servicemen on Sardinia. He also mentions that his plane was named /nicknamed "Stuka", although he does not say why.

In a letter dated 5/6/44, he mentions visiting the Sardinian town of Iglesias for recreation.

In a letter dated 5/7/44, he mentions seeing the film "A Guy Named Joe", which was screened for the service men.

The last letter I have from him in Sardinia is dated 5/8/44. By 12/10/44, he was writing from Herington, Kansas. He may have been transferred out of the 414 around the time the unit moved to Pisa, but I cannot be sure.

In any case, by 12/10/44 he was in Section A-2, 274th AAF Base Unit in Herington, Kansas, which he hated. He apparently drunk dialed a Lt. Colonel Robert J. Mason in the middle of the night requesting a transfer and was denied (politely!) in writing on 1/3/45.

On 7/19/45, he was honorably discharged from the service and returned home. He continued to be a hit with the ladies until he finally married for the first time at the age of 60. He died of natural causes in January 1977.

I may be able to provide more information on request. Contact me at