Friday, December 5, 2008

Who is this pilot?

Can anyone supply me with information about this pilot? The caption on the back of the photo reads: "Pat 12-20-44"


Anonymous said...

On one of your websites, it says there was no official insignia for the 414th. I was in the squadron when in Rio Hata, Panama, and our squadron insignia was a shield with side view of a skull with a sword vertically through it and a black bat wing from the skull to the upper right. I still have this painted on the back of my flight jacket. Ken Umpenhour email

Randall W. Patterson said...

Thank you for your remarks on the 414th insignia. From the time of the 414th inception to the end of WWII, there was no official insignia. There was at the Mid Atlantic Museum a fight jacket worn Lt. Col. Bolender with the insignia of a black panther jumping through the night sky. I have asked for a copy of photo so I could post it on the blog.