Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nose Art Update

I recently learned that Rip Bolinder flew Black Magic, a P-61-15.

My father, Lt. John E. Patterson (at the time) piloted the Old John Cornell, a British Beaufighter.

Anyone who can add to this is invited to post to this blog, or to call me, Randall W. Patterson, toll free at (800) 490-7434.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Patterson,

I'm writing a history of German radio-controlled glide bombs in WWII. It turns out that the He 177 shot down by the 414th NFS on 23 January 1944 (F8+AM) carried two Hs 293 glide bombs. Its wreckage provided vital clues -- including nearly intact receivers -- used to develop advanced jamming devices against these radio-contolled weapons.

I'm hoping to learn more about the crew that show down this arcraft. Can anyone help?

Marty Bollinger

john minichini said...

Dear Sir, happen to be reading the New Jersey Star Ledger today8/5/09that another member of the 414th squadron has passed,sorry to say. His name is Cosmo Nicholas Bocchini he lived in Nutley NJ and was 94 yrs old. I am from Nutley also,never new this man butI thought you would like to know this info for future archives. My name is John Minichini I can be reached at LORI11528@AOL.COM if you feel you want to contact me. thanks