Friday, April 17, 2009

New Information from Blog

There has been a lot of new information coming in about the 414th. It is the reason why there has not been any new entries recently.

A special thanks needs to go to Tom Kelly. His father, Jim Kelly, a Radio Operator with the 414th, helped identify some of the people in the photographs on this blog. Sadly, the day Tom contacted me, his father passed away.

My family would like to express our condolences to the Kelly family.

Tom was able to locate Andy Pieper, who wrote a wonderful book about individual experiences of the members of the 414th, called "The Squadron".

"The Squadron by Andy Pieper" is an assembly of personal diaries and letters, and official diaries and records. It is not yet officially published, but it is a very good record of the history of the 414th and its members.

I also heard from the Great Nephew of "Eddie" Foy. Eddie was known for his ability to play the spoons.

Excerpt from "The Squadron by Andy Pieper"
"Foy wasn't on the wagon, so he had a few, and when Foy had a few, it brought out the musician in him. He was very clever with spoons. He could play anything with a couple of spoons. There were plenty of spoons in the restaurant, and an orchestra too.

Pretty soon Foy was leading the orchestra. He had the whole place in an uproar. He was sure good with those spoons!"

I will be posting more excerpts from "The Squadron".

I would appreciate it if anyone can send me copies of any photos (no originals please). You can send us the copies electronically. They need to be scanned in at 300dpi, and burned to a CD or DVD. You can mail them to Randall Patterson, 1307B W. Main St. #106, Gun Barrel City, TX 75156. Please identify the people with names, dates and location, or as much information as possible.

I truly appreciate all of the help that so many people have generously shared with me about the 414th.

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